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A car initially traveling eastward turns north by traveling in a circular path at uniform speed as in the figure. The length of the arc ABC is 214 m, and the car completes the turn in 40.0 s (Figure shows coordinate plane with point A on -y axis point C on +x axis and point B in the middles of the two on the arc, with an angle of 35* between +x axis and point B

A) Determine the car's speed.
--Found this answer to be 5.35 m/s which is correct

B) What is the magnitude and direction of the acceleration when the car is at point B?
Direction:___*counterclockwise for the x+ axis

Part B is where I am completely lost.

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    The acceleration is V^2/R.
    R is the radius of the arc. V is the speed you already computed.

    The direction of acceleration is towards the center of the circular arc. At B, that would appear to be 145 degrees counterclockwise from the +x axis.

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