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We learned different timeframes in We learned timeframes in Spanish today and I'm stuck with my homework.Please check
1.Yo pedí un taco el restaurante anteayer. I ate a taco in the restaurant the day before yesterday.
2.Bebí un batido en el Mexican restaurante la semana pasada.I drank a milkshake in the Mexican restaurant last week.

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    Please check these also
    Comí una enchilada en la casa de mi amigo ayer.I ate an enchilada in the house of my friend yesterday.
    Comí un sandwích de queso en el restaurante el mes pasado. I ate a cheese sandwich in the restaurant last month.

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    Please check these also
    Quiero hacer galletas mañana.
    Quiero pedir a los frijoles pasado mañana cuando como con mis amigos en el restaurante.
    Comí la piña en Florida el año pasasdo. I ate pineapple in Florida last year.
    Quiero ir al circo de la semana próxima. I want to go to the circus next week.
    Voy a zoologico a veces. I go to the zoo sometimes.
    Fuí la ópera rara vez cuando vivía en New York. I went to the opera rarely when I lived in New York.

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    I'll email this to SraJMcGin.

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    I'm apologize for posting separately but it wouldn't take it-it said something about an URL so I deleted all the numbers and then it worked.
    Thank you for helping-I'm really stuck-it looked easy in class

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    1. Yo pedí = I ordered but your English said "I ate" = Comí un taco en el restaurante anteayer.

    2. Bebí un batido en el restaurante mexicano la semana pasada. (most adjectives follow the noun(s) modified.)

    NOTE: When you say "el restaurante" with the definite article, it implies that there is only ONE restaurant. If, instead you use the indefinite article "un restaurante" it's "in a restaurant = one of many)

    There is no English with the last group, so I can't be sure if you have said EXACTLY what you wished to say. Looking at the Spanish only:

    Quiero pedir los (unos) frijoles = no "personal a" for inanimate objects...

    (It's always easier to be on the same sentence, when you number them.)

    Quiero ir al circo la semana próxima. (de = of/from)

    Voy al zoológico

    Fui a la ópera raras veces...


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    Thank you Sra for responding. Thank you for explaining why I made the mistakes so next time I'll know what I'm doing. Thank you for everything-I really appreciate it-things always seem so understandable in class but when I get home I'm so confused.

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