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Posted by Henry on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 2:11pm.

Writeacher, I need you to check these sentences to be transformed into the passive. (the last two examples don't belong to the same exercise).

I'm also looking for a short reading comprehension to be included in a test designed for pre-intermediate EFL learners. The activity shouldn't take up more than fifteen minutes.

1) Transform the following sentences into the passive (20 marks)
2) They built the bridge in 1996.
Someone ate my sandwich!
People eat millions of bars of chocolate every day!
3) People speak Spanish in most South American countries
4) They make this computer in Japan.
The thieves stole a lot of things but they didnít damage the house.
(A lot of things were stolen but the house wasn't damaged.
5) They didnít invite Bill to their end of the school party (what do you call it?)
6) His friends expect him to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.
7) He threatened to sack me.
How do the Thoughtpolice manage to make him doublethink?
8) On Christmas Eve I spent time emailing (exchanging) greeting messages
to my friends around the world.

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