March 30, 2015

Homework Help: Chemistry(Please check)

Posted by Hannah on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 1:51pm.

I completed a lab to find the determination of Kc. I have to find the concentrations of reactants at equilibrium using an ICE table. The equation that were are using is

Fe^3+(aq) + SCN^-(aq) -> Fe(SCN)^2+(aq)

I have to create 5 ICE tables because we used 5 different test tubes each with a different concentration of SCN. The values I already have so far are the initial concentrations of reactants and the concentration of products at equilibrium.

For the first table the initial value of Fe is 1.0M and SCN is 1.0M. The concentration of product at equilibrium is 5.7 X 1o^-5M.

I set up the first ICE table like this:

Equation: Fe^3+ SCN^- Fe(SCN)^2+

I 1.0M 1.0M 0
C -5.7e-5M -5.7e^-5 +5.7e^-5
E 0.99M 0.99M 5.7e^-5

So for the concentrations of reactants at equilibrium, Fe is 0.99M and SCN is 0.99M

I put it in my calculator as 1.0 - 5.7 X e-5 and got 0.999943. So besides the weird number I got I'm guessing that I set it up correctly???

The last step is to determine Kc.

so it would be FeSCN / [Fe][SCN]

Kc= 5.7e-5M / (0.99m)(0.99M) = 5.8e-5

Did I set this up correctly??

Thank you for your help!!!

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