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Hello I have two questions pleae

(1)what does it mean when it says measurement to an 8th of an inch, what will I be doing?

(2) can you show me the steps for 10 inches = ________ ft, the answr is 5/6 but how do you get that? Thank you

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    (1) You will be measuring something with a ruler with marks every 1/8 inch.

    (2) 10 inches = 10 in*(1 ft/12 in) = 10/12 = 5/6 ft

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    (1)Look at a ruler on the inches side.
    Notice between the zero and one there are little dashes.

    There should be 16 betweeen zero and one. 16 between one and two...

    Each dash is a sixteenth. So every other one is an eighth.

    (2) You want 10 inches out of 12 inches.
    Therefore 10/12 simplifies to 5/6. Divide the top number and the bottom number by a common factor of 2.

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