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A pole-vaulter of mass 60.2 kg vaults to a height of 6.1 m before dropping to thick padding placed below to cushion her fall.

(a) Find the speed with which she lands.

(b) If the padding brings her to a stop in a time of 0.52 s, what is the average force on her body due to the padding during that time interval?

  • Physics -

    The world record for women's pole vault is not 6.1 meters. It is about 5.06 meters.

    Whoever is making sure of gender neutrality in your textbook should get his or her facts straight.

    (a) V = sqrt(2 g H)

    (b)Fav*time = Momentum at impact

    Solve for average force, Fav.

  • pole vault -

    6.1 m is actually a few cm short of the men's pole vault world record

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