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Two crates , one with mass 4.00 kg and the other with 6.00 kg, sit on the frictionless surface of a frozen pond, connected by a light rope. Awoman wearing golf shoes(so she can get traction on the ice)pulls horizontally on the 6.00-kg crate with a force F that gives the crate an acceleration of 2.50 m/s2. (a)What is the acceleration of the 4.00- kg crate?(b)Draw a free- body diagram for the 4.00-kg crate. Use that diagram and Newtons second law to find tension T in the rope that connects the two crates. (c) Draw a free-body diagram for 6.00- kg crate. What is the direction of the net force on the 6.00-kg crate? Which is larger in magnitude, force T or force F? (d)Use part (c) and Newton's second law to calculate the magnitude of the force F.

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    If the heavy crate and the light crate are attached,
    a) accelerations are equal.

    Tension in rope=4kg*acceleration

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