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Two crates , one with mass 4.00 kg and the other with 6.00 kg, sit on the frictionless surface of a frozen pond, connected by a light rope. Awoman wearing golf shoes(so she can get traction on the ice)pulls horizontally on the 6.00-kg crate with a force F that gives the crate an acceleration of 2.50 m/s2. (a)What is the acceleration of the 4.00- kg crate?(b)Draw a free- body diagram for the 4.00-kg crate. Use that diagram and Newtons second law to find tension T in the rope that connects the two crates. (c) Draw a free-body diagram for 6.00- kg crate. What is the direction of the net force on the 6.00-kg crate? Which is larger in magnitude, force T or force F? (d)Use part (c) and Newton's second law to calculate the magnitude of the force F.


    If the heavy crate and the light crate are attached,
    a) accelerations are equal.

    Tension in rope=4kg*acceleration

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