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Posted by Henry on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 7:27am.

I did some of the corrections myself. I find it really hard to check all the grammar mistakes. Could you please help me, Writeacher? Thank you.

1) Lady Macbeth doesn't show typical female character because she is the driving force of the play.
2) She compares Duncan's murder with a painted devil, a picture that scared only children who though that it was real. Correction: she compares the dead Duncan to a painted devil, whose picture scares only children.
3) So, at the same time, if Duncan was death, Macbeth didn't have any reason for being frightened. (Correction: as Duncan was dead, Macbeth shouldn't have any reasons for being frightened).
4) She tells him to clean his hands (better "to wash his hands clean") and to take back the daggers to the crime scene.
5) In all revenge tragedies a crime is committed by a family member, like in Hamlet where Claudius poisoned the king who sleeping in his orchard.
Another feature is the appearance of a ghost, resembling the victim, who (better which) asks to be avenged.
6) The hero has a period of doubt during which he carries of his plan of revenge.
7) Then he turns in a state of madness because he isolates himself as the play develops.
The hero has a close relatioship with the audience through the soliloquies and the asides.

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