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Posted by Henry on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 7:00am.

I included the mistakes as well as the corrections. Can you please have a look at them, Writeacher? Thank you.

1) "Elizabeth I applied a strong policy and she could repulse the Spanish Armada."
Elizabeth I adopoted a vigorous foreign policy, which enabled her (or the English fleet) to repulse ....
2) "She apply an anti-Catholic policy.
Mistakes: Her policy was anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish."
3) "She was able to use small and fast ships in order to defeat the Invincible Armada tht have heavy ships."
Not "she" but the English fleet was made up of small, fast ships which prevailed over the Spanish ones.
4) Lady Macbeth suggests her husband put on his nightgown.
5) "She also overcomes her husband's doubts about the idea of committing the murder".
She tries to overcome her husband's doubts about committing the murder.
6) "The revenge tragedy comes from the classical Greek tragedy.
In this type of tragedy we have an hero and a villan that represent evil"
Correction: There is no villain fighting against a hero. The hero is Hamlet, who has to unmask his uncle Claudius.
7) "There are also asides and soliloquies that helps the actor install a straight relationship with the audience."
There are also asides ... which enable (allow/make it possible the hero to establish a close relationship with his audience.
8) We also have (better "there is also) the apparition of a ghost, which spurs Hamlet into action.

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