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9th grade physics

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If a transparent material has a refractive of 2.0;
a) calculate the critical angle
b) if the refractive index were less than 2,0, would the critical angle be greater or less than before?

Im super confused at this :(

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    If a ray of light INSIDE a medium of index N is incident at an angle of A or more upon a surface with index 1.00 outside, the light will be totally reflected. A is called the critical angle. It is given by the equation

    sinA = 1/N

    (a) In this case, N = 2, so

    A = sin^-1 (1/2) = 30 degrees

    (b) If N<2,
    sin A > 1/2 and A > 30 degrees.

    The answer is "greater".

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