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1. Explain how the city of Rome compared to other cities of their day.

2. Compare the food available to the poor versus that which the wealthy enjoyed.

3. Describe the capital of the Roman Empire.

4. Identify how many distinct classes there were in Rome.

5. Explain how wealth related to food and meals.

6. Describe the freedom and influence of women in different classes.

7. The Emperor __________________ restored stability to the Roman Empire.
a. Otho
c. Vespasian
b. Titus
d. Nerva

8. Describe Roman families which had slaves.

9. Describe the position of a Roman household slave and whether or not slaves could change their position.

10. Compare the lives of slaves in mines and farms versus those in households.

Please help. I will post my answers in just a second.

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    My answers for 1 through 10.

    1. The city of rome was more equisite than any other city.

    2. The poor had grains to depend off of while the wealthy had big fancy feasts.

    3. It was a very spectacular place.

    4. There were 2 distinct classes.

    5. The wealthier someone was, the fancier their feast was,

    6. Women who married to wealthy men had more freedom than those that were poor.

    7. C. Vespaian

    8. Poor peoplecould own slaves, but wealthier people usually had slaves.

    9. A Roman slave could rise to be "paterfamilias."

    10. Slaves in mines and farms lived much more difficult than those that lived in the households.

    Are these correct? Thanks for any and all help. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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    Number 4 is wrong.

    The others are right, but should have more details.

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    i thought it meant wealthy and poor on number 4. There is the upper and lower class, right?

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  • Rome -

    Oh. OK. Thanks.

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    Explain how wealth related to food and meals

  • Rome -

    Compare the lives of slaves in mines and farms versus those in households.

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    And there was 2 distinct classes

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    I learned it in scool

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