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The observed distribution of offspring was: black-red 1,070; black-white 177; green-red 180; green-white 1,072. Based on these data, what is the recombination frequency?
A. 86%
B. 7%
C. 17%
D. 14%
E. 30%

Background Info:
In a particular species of mammal, black hair (B) is dominant to green hair (b), and red eyes (R) are dominant to white eyes (r). When a BbRr individual is mated with a bbrr individual, offspring are produced in a ratio of 5 black hair and red eyes : 5 green hair and white eyes : 1 black hair and white eyes : I green hair and red eyes.

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    Since Jiskha does not have a regular biology tutor, you might try this site.

    If there is a tutor here who can help you with this particular question, I'm sure he/she will add a response.

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    The genes for hair color and eye color are linked

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