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Chem Question (thermo)

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Calculate ΔG at 25 ºC for a reaction in which Ca2+(aq) combines with CO32–(aq) to form a precipitate of CaCO3(s) if the concentrations of Ca2+(aq) and CO32–(aq) are 0.023 M and 0.13 M, respectively. (ΔGº = –47.94 kJ)
A. –62.3 kJ/mol
B. –33.5 kJ/mol
C. –17.8 kJ/mol
D. –46.7 kJ/mol
E. –47.8 kJ/mol

  • Chem Question (thermo) -

    DG = -47940 + RT*ln[1/(0.023*0.13)]

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