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Homework Help: teen alcohol abuse

Posted by Jackie on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 5:57pm.

I am doing a research outline for it and I have all my notes and everything but I do not know where I should put my infor mation on my paper even though I have a guide line. (English is my worst subject)
Here it is this is all I have help please ....

Research Paper Outline
A. “Contrary to what many believe, American adolescents usually don’t have their first sip of liquor at a bar or at a friend’s, but at home.” (Graeber Laurel. “Are you dying for a drink?” New York: Julian Messner, 1985. Print.)
B. Help to understand thesis
C. Teen alcohol abuse is an issue og global concern because not only does it _____ but also ____. In order o improve this situation in the future, steps should be taken to ____ and _____.
A. Identify what people are involved in the issue.
B. Explain the problem.
A. Specifically identify what the problem is, and explain how this problem is affecting a particular group of people.
B. Locate statistics and facts that help you show the scope and depth of the problem.
C. Find a personal story about an individual or a family member.
A. Identify any efforts that have already been made.
B. Identify any solutions that people have thought of that were not implemented.
C. Come up with your own solutions to the problem.
A. Re-state the thesis using different words.
B. Take the thesis one step further.
C. Clincher- A powerful last sentence or quotation from your research that drives your point home.

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