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Homework Help: Contract Law

Posted by Michelle White on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 2:17pm.

1. Herb Appleseed had a contract with Abrams Stores to deliver one thousand boxes of candied fruit for a St. Valentine’s Day sale. He was the deliver the fruit by 1:00PM on Friday, the 4th of February. He drove up to the Abrams store at 1:00PM and found a note on the front door that said that the employees had all gone to a fortune teller’s conference for the week. Herb became so upset; he drove to the local school yard and allowed the school children to take the fruit. Abrams Store sued Herb for breach of contract. Herb counter sued for the contract price on the fruit plus incidental and consequential damages. What should the court decide? (You may use your risk of loss chart to answer this problem).

2. King Electronics, a retailer of video equipment, sold two DVRs to Larson, a psychologist, for use in her professional practice, which was located in her home. The sale to Larson was made on credit. King retained a security interest in the DVRs sold but did not file a financing statement. Mills, another creditor of Larson, has asserted that his lien, which has been filed with the state, on the two DVRs is superior to King's security interest. Is he right? As you decide, remember to classify the DVRs as collateral in the hands of King and Larson.

3. Mary offered to sell Mike several pieces of rare Chinese art at a very good price because they were duplicates in her own collection. Mike could not accept the offer at that time, but he did give Mary $500 in return for her promise to keep her offer open for three (3) weeks. Mike returned with the agreed-upon balance two weeks later to find that Mary already had sold the pieces she had offered to sell to him. Mary explained that she had been able to get a better price from another buyer. She offered to return Mike's $500 and insisted that this was all she was obligated to do. Is Mary right?

4. Roberta, an educated person, purchased real estate from Maurice. Roberta did not read entirely the contract that she signed. As a result, she did not notice the provision in the contract about the interest imposed on the unpaid portion of the purchase price. She refused to pay the interest specified in the contract. Maurice sued her. Could he recover?

5. Gerwin's daughter Mary was seeking a position as an associate attorney with Baker, Charles & Dixon, a large metropolitan law firm. The firm, after several meetings with Mary over a two-month period, made Mary an offer of employment on January 15. Mary accepted the offer that day and immediately left for Cape Cod to celebrate without telling Gerwin or anyone else about her new job.

On January 17, two days after Mary had accepted the offer, Gerwin sent Baker, Charles & Dixon a letter in which she offered to give Baker all of her legal business (approximately $40,000 per year) if the law firm would hire Mary. The law firm accepted.

After Gerwin learned that Mary already had been hired by Baker, Charles & Dixon, Gerwin refused to transfer her business to the law firm. The law firm has brought suit against Gerwin on the grounds that a valid contract exists between them. How will the case be decided?

6. Cyril made two contracts. The first was to have his house painted one month from the date of the written contract. The second was for his neighbor's 1957 Ford Thunderbird. Each contract was definite and clear in all respects. As to the house painting, Cyril inquired with the painter as to when the work could begin. The painter explained that he was extremely busy and was not sure if he could fulfill the contract. Cyril flew into a rage and immediately hired someone else who painted the house, but at a higher price. Cyril then sued the painter, claiming that there was an anticipatory repudiation of the contract by the painter.

With regard to the automobile purchase contract, after signing the contract, the neighbor decided that she did not wish to sell her car and refused to complete the transaction. Cyril attempted to purchase a similar car elsewhere, but the car was a vintage automobile which was not available on the open market. Cyril sued the neighbor for specific performance of the contract. Discuss the probable outcomes of the lawsuits.

7. Gregory, a comedy writer, entered into a contract with Wessel, a comedian. The contract provided that Gregory would provide Wessel with a 15-minute monologue for his upcoming appearance on Comedy Hour and that Wessel would pay Gregory $250. All performers on Comedy Hour make $500 per appearance. As Gregory knows, the last time Wessel appeared on Comedy Hour he was asked to make special guest appearances at three local comedy clubs using the same monologue. He earned a total of $750 for the three performances. Shortly before Wessel was scheduled to appear on Comedy Hour, Gregory informed him that he was unable to provide the monologue. As a result, Wessel was forced to cancel his appearance. Wessel sued Gregory for breach of contract and requested damages of $1,250. What will result?

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