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For a one step reaction, the activation energy for the forward reaction is 40.0 kJ/mol and the enthalpy of reaction is -20.0 kJ /mol. Which statement below is true?

a. The activation energy of the forward reaction would be affected to a greater extent
than the activation energy of the reverse reaction by addition of a catalyst.
b. The value for the enthalpy of reaction would be decreased by addition of a catalyst.
c. The reaction is endothermic.
d. The reverse reaction is slower than the forward reaction (smaller rate constant).
e. The reaction rate would be decreased by an increase in temperature.

I think its d??

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    I think you are right but get another opinion.
    You know e, c, & b are not true. For a the Eareverse = 40+20 = 60. If we change Eaforward from 40 to 20(a change of 20) we change Eareverse from 60 to (20+20 = 40) which is a change of 20 so Eareverse changes the same as Eaforward. That knocks out a. That leaves d.

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