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Posted by Henry on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 10:15am.

Sorry, Writeacher. I mixed two senteces without realizing it.

1) James prefers to define “youth” as the age in which people are not children any more and not yet adults. 2) James believes that youth culture is always changing since young people are very receptive to new ideas. They have an open mind and are still prepared to look at things and think.
3) American youth culture, that is American movies, music and TV shows has enabled young people to enjoy their youth.
4) James is particularly interested in the language of youth. He believes that the greatest influence on teenagers is the media. It’s the constant bombardment from advertising that youth cannot resist.
5) Magazine, TV shows create expectations among young people and it becomes a problem if your family cannot meet those expectations.
6) Marcus believes that the average person has turned into a mindless lump who just obeys what the TV tells him. He is lured into the TV trap with the deceptive label of interactivity but the only interaction is between the TV and the viewer’s wallet.
7) According to Paul, parents should censor what their children watch. If more parents took the time and made the effort to teach their children right from wrong, the illusion of what happens on TV would be separated from reality.

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