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Ricardo and Jane are standing under a tree in the middle of a pasture. An argument ensues, and they walk away in different directions. Ricardo walks 28.0 in a direction 60.0 west of north. Jane walks 10.0 in a direction 30.0 south of west. They then stop and turn to face each other
**What is the distance between them?
**In what direction should Ricardo walk to go directly toward Jane?

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    use law of cosines to get the distance:

    d^2 = 28^2 + 10^2 - 2(10)(28)cos60°
    = 604
    d = 24.58

    Let the triangle be TRJ, where R is where Ricardo ended up, T is the tree, and J is where Jane ended up.

    To get the angle R, use the law of sines
    sinR/10 = sin60°/24.58
    sinR = .3523
    R = 20.62°

    Ricardo needs to walk E 50.62° S

    If you have a hard time visualizing that, draw the diagram.

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    it's showing that my answer is wrong.. thanks anyway
    i need help pls! the due time is after 12 hours

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    R is right but i want the right answer for the second part ( ricardo needs .... to walk) PLEASE HELP ME

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