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Posted by Henry2 on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 12:34pm.

Writeacher, I left out these sentences on the same topics. I included various possibities. Thank you.

1) Sorry, Iíve been out of touch. (Sorry, I havenít been in touch is the same? How are things with you? Any good news?
Iíve been busy with my mum recently since she was operated on her vocal cords last month.Iím really glad she has recovered from it now.
2) Iíve had a lot of school work (homework?) to catch up with since I was absent from school for a week.
3) Iíve just bought a new scooter. I got it on Friday. Iíve never had one in my life and it has really changed my life for the better. I bought it at a (what do you call a shop that sells motorbikes?) on the Main Street. Iím really pleased with it.
4) What have you been up to?
5) I think it all my news. I canít wait to hear your news/Iím looking forward to hearing your news/from you (How else can I end an informal letter?)

I need to know how you would reply to A.
1) Itís good to see you. Yes, you too.
2) Iíve never spent more time in chat rooms or on game sites than (offline) with my friends.
Neither have I/ Really, but I have./ Me neither, really.

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