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could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman

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    You have used "will be" just fine in your two examples.

    The auxiliary verb "will" makes it future tense, and "be" is the correct form of the verb "to be" for this tense and with this auxiliary verb.

    Do you have other sentences/examples you would like to be checked?

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    thank you writeacher now can you tell me how to make use of to be i cant still understand how to use 1) will be 2)to be

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    "to be" is the infinitive -- the base form of any verb. Here are some others:
    to walk
    to talk
    to go
    to see
    to think
    to read

    An infinitive can also be used to complete a thought:
    I want to be home on time tonight.
    She is willing to be the driver on the way home. (Scroll down to Infinitives and Gerunds and Sequence and keep reading and noticing all the examples given.)

    "will be" is simply one of the future forms of the verb "to be."
    Here are the various forms of "to be":
    am (present, 1st person, singular)
    is (present, 3rd person, singular)
    are (present, 2nd person, singular & plural; 1st person plural; 3rd person plural)
    was (past, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, singular)
    were (past, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, plural)
    being (present participle)
    been (past participle)
    be (infinitive base)

    The verb "to be" in English and its equivalent in other languages is always difficult because it's used so much more than any other verb in a language.

    He will be his brother's best friend forever. (future tense)

    He wants to be his brother's best friend forever. (present tense "wants" + "to be" to complete the thought)

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