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Calculus: Implicit

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so i suppose to find slope.
i have trouble this problem. my math book is not really clear.

Find the slope of the tangent line to the curve √(3x+2y)+√(4xy)=11.6 at the point (6,2).
√(3x+2y) is the square root(3x+2y)
√(4xy)is the square root 4xy.

  • Calculus: Implicit -

    1/2sqrt(3x+2y)* (3 +2yy')+ 1/2sqrt(4xy)*(4y+2xy')=0

    now at the point 6,2, put that into the equation for x,y
    and solve for y'

  • Calculus: Implicit -

    1/2 √(3(6)+2(2)) * 3(2(2))+ 1/2 √(4(6)(2)) * 4(2)+2(6) right?

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