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Math-Are my answers correct?

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An anagram is a rearrangement of all the letters in a word. Example: page--->gape, pgea..
a) Find the number of 7 letter anagrams possible for the letters in GUITARS.
I did 7! that correct?

b) Find the probability of randomly choosing an anagram that starts with T.
There are 720 options for each letter because 5040/7=720. So 720/5040=1/7 which is this correct?

c) Mentally picture all of your 7-letter anagrams organized alphabetically in a long list, then write the first two and the last two in the list.

First two:

Last two:

Please let me know if these answers are correct

  • Math-Are my answers correct? -

    All correct, except the order of the last two anagrams:
    should read:

  • Math-Are my answers correct? -

    Thank you very much:)

  • Math-Are my answers correct? -

    You're welcome! :)

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