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Homework Help: Math - just need answer checked

Posted by Kevin on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 8:23pm.

Miss B. built a vegetable garden in her backyard. Her rectangular garden was 11m by 9m.

Every morning she would notice carrots missing from her garden! In order to keep Bugs Bunny from eating all her carrots, she built a fence surrounding them. This fence had a total perimeter of 8m.

Bugs Bunny had a big appetite; he also liked to eat her lettuce from the garden as well. Miss B. placed toy snakes in her garden to scare Bugs Bunny. These snakes surrounded the lettuce, stretching 3m wide by 5m long.

1. What is the total area of Miss B. garden NOT including the carrot and lettuce patches?


1. Total area of garden:
A= lxw (11m x 9m)= 99m sq.

2. Area of Carrot patch
A= LxW (2m x 2m) = 4m sq.

3. Area of lettuce patch
A= LxW (3m x 5m) = 15m sq.

Area of garden not including carrots/lettuce:

99m - 4m - 15m = 80m sq.

is this correct?

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