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Writeacher, I left out the following sentences. Can you please check them, too?

1) How are things? I'm sorry we haven't been in touch with each other recently.
I've had a busy month. We've been on holiday, and we only got back last week.
2) I spent two weeks in Spain with my parents, it was great!
I've unpacked and done some school work because school starts next week.
3) I've got a lot of homework to do.
I think that's all my news. How are things with you? Write to me when you have some time.
4) What is your favourite TV channel? My favourite channel is MTV because it offers a wide variety of music programmes and one can keep up to date with new music trends.

  • English -

    1. ... and we got back only last week.

    2 is a run-on -- how will you fix it?

    3. OK

    4. OK, but add one comma.

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