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college algebra

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A magazine company had a profit of $98,000 per year when it had 32,000 subscribers. When it obtained 35,000 subscribers, it had a profit of $117,500. Assume that the profit P is a linear function of the number of subscribers s.

a.) Find the function P

b.) What will the profit be if the company has a total of 50,000 subscribers?

c.) What is the number of subscribers needed to break even?

  • college algebra -

    you have two points (32000,98000) and (35000,117500)

    Find the slope (117500-98000)/(35000-32000)

    put into point slope form


    using one of the two points for x0 and y0.

    b) Plug in x as 50,000 and solve for y.

    c) plug in y as 0 and solve for x

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