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To the nearest degree, what is the measure of the smallest angle of a right triangle whose legs measure 9 and 15?

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    There are two acute angles in a right triangle. The tangents of these angles are the ratio of the legs. The small ratio corresponds to the smaller angle.

    You'd be looking for tan-19/15.

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    Tangent= Opposite/Hypotenuse
    Tan 9/15=30.96 (This is the Smallest Angle)
    90(This is the Right angle)+30.96=120.9
    180-120.9=59.1(This is the third angle.)
    9/sin 30.96 = 15/sin 59.1.
    This Does Work.

    So the Smallest Angle is 30.9 Degrees, rounded to 31.

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    The answer of 31° is correct.

    Your definition of tangent was probably a typo, and it should read:

    Tangent = opposite / adjacent

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