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Thank you very much for all your explanations. I still have a few doubts.
I included two sentences you have already checked. I just wanted to be sure I used the best alternative.

1) They cut off our gas, light, and phone because we didn't pay the bills.
2) I fell off my bike and I broke my leg. The doctor put it in a cast/put a cast on my leg and I had a cast on my leg for a month/I had to keep the cast for a month/ My leg was in a cast for a month. (Are all examples possible?)
3) Take down all of what your teacher explains to you. The fall of tree was brought about by heavy snow.
4) The doctor prescribed I should rest/lie in bed (rest my knee is possible?) for two days. (is "prescribed" a mistake?)

  • English -

    1) OK

    2) All are OK, yes.

    3) OK

    4) The doctor prescribed bed rest for two days because of my injured knee.
    The doctor said I should rest in bed for two days because of my injured knee.

    The verb "prescribe" needs a direct object after it, not a clause.
    He prescribed antibiotics.
    He said I needed to take antibiotics.

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