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Serial Killers

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Could you maybe proofread over this essay I did on serial killers based on books I have read? Thanks!

Jack The Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer


Screams and moans are heard all over the town as they unveil the corpse of Jack The Ripper's latest victim. Jack The Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer, two of the worlds most dangerous and infamous serial killers have raised a massive amount of attention over the past years. Jack The Ripper is most famous for the killings and dismembering's of multiple prostitutes throughout 1888-1895. Jeffrey Dahmer is most known for his murders and cannibalism of multiple young boys throughout 1978-1989. These men were important to society because it helps us come to a better understanding of why serial killers feel the need to kill. I chose these two men for my project because the stories of their childhood and life intrigued me. These books help show that serial killers aren't necessarily evil, they are just extremely misunderstood beings.

Jack The Ripper was raised in a time where England experienced a large migration of Irish Immigrants causing the work and poverty level to rise and force many women into the prostitution business. It is well said that Jack wasn't trying to do bad, he was only murdering the prostitutes to scare other women into going into the harsh business of prostitution. Jack's identity was never revealed and it still remains a mystery to this day. He was never convicted and no one knows exactly what happened to him. It almost seems as though Jack didn't kill for entertainment, he was actually killing for a "good" cause. This is not to say that what he did was right, but it comes to show that many serial killers are just misunderstood on why they do such things. Jack The Ripper's most famous victims were known as the Canonical Five. They were a group of five infamous female prostitutes who were all unfortunately slayed by Jack. This scared many of the townspeople and had a negative(Although it could be seen in a positive light considering prostitutes were becoming less common) effect on the prostitution business scaring women into roaming the streets at night looking for men.

Jeffrey Dahmer was raised in a wealthy family in West Allis, Wisconsin. Around the age of 10, Jeffrey was said to have turned silent and showed little interest in any hobbies or social interactions. Jeffrey was said to have an interest in dead animals which caused him to bike all around the neighborhood bringing back any animal corpse he could find. Jeffrey's parents began to worry but didn't do anything to help stop his "taboo" hobby. Jeffrey began drinking in his teens which later led to his alcoholism. Jeffrey was said to have been severely bullied for his homosexuality which caused him to have a strong hate towards people. Jeffrey killed his first victim, Steven Hicks, in 1978. Jeffrey said that the man was hitchhiking and he decided to pick him up and bring him home to "have a good time" with him. Jeffrey said that he was also interested in the dead, and had a strong urge to kill Steven to help increase his sexual pleasure. It is said that Jeffrey strictly killed people only for sexual pleasure and to fill up an "empty space" in his life. The empty space he was trying to for fill by killing was brought on by his parents who had basically turned him into an outcast loner all his life. Although what Jeffrey did was wrong in every way possible, you can see how his parents and childhood life brought on his urges to kill. He wasn't trying to be evil, only trying to make up for all the depressing times in his life. Jeffrey was later convicted in 1991.

These books helped me come to realize that maybe serial killers really aren't evil beings at all, just people who are out of the norm and misunderstood. If we could maybe try and delve into the minds of these killers, we could maybe stop future killings from happening. In the future I want to possibly help find a cure for these people and figure out why they feel the need to kill to make up for all the hard times they faced in their lives. I am not trying to say that all killers are misunderstood, as there are some who are just plain evil. I just want to show people how most of these killers have a "good" side, and they aren't just committing murders for fun and entertaining purposes only. So next time you hear of a serial killer, think twice before fully judging them.

The books:

Portrait of a Killer - Jack The Ripper(Case Closed)

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Copyright: November 11th, 2002

Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare

Author: Donald A. Davis

Copyright: November 28th, 1991

  • Serial Killers -

    i think that this is VERY interesting, but in a surprisingly good way....

  • Serial Killers -

    from a rehabilitation facility that i just got out of days ago, i have met some people... psychopaths, people like that and i learned never judge them.... my bf is a psychopath.... so yeah.... i really like this essay.. :)

  • Serial Killers -

    Great essay! Very unique.

  • Serial Killers -

    I get where you are going with such an essay. And I appreciate your end statement that we should not judge entirely on their actions - we need to look at their minds.

    I do appreciate the way you point out that they don't alwasy do it "for fun". But realize too, that some do it purely for revenge on a particular person. There is an Ohio case of serial killer/rapist who killed some 33 prostitues across five states. Why? Because his wife prostituted herself to feed her and her three children while also feedinf her drug addiction. His anger at his wife was taken out on the women. As a 12 year old kid he killed and dismembered animals. His homelife was screwed up. He acted out violently. It was a conscious choice he made. His choice of outlet was not the only way. He was a talented artist. Art could have been his way out, the way it has been for so many other people. He chose death and violence instead. Yes, he has mental issues. Yes there are good things about him. But he knew the choice he made and the ultimate consequences. He now sits on death row in a state penitiary. His wife disappeared somewhere in Florida almost eight years ago. His three children were put in foster care and adopted. The oldest has his own family. The youngest is in high shcool. The middle child, a daughter, is just graduating. I know her.

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