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Posted by Henry2 on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 6:02am.

Writeacher, I need to know the vocabulary generally used when comparing pictures. I need you to check these sentences and improve them.

1) Why may people have to wear these clothes?
The people in the picture may have to wear these clothes because I think they work in an office and are required to be smartly ("formally") dressed.
2)How comfortable or uncomfortable might these clothes be?
In picture 2 some gentlemen-of-arms are carrying Queen Elizabeth I through the streets of London.The Queen is wearing a chemise, a corset, and black and white gown decorated with all kinds of jewels.
Unlike the hippies portrayed in picture 3, the Queen doesn't seem comfortably dressed.
3) Which aspect of the fashion industry might be more rewording to work in ?

I need to compare again two pictures.
Picture A:Two fashion models are standing at the top of the catwalk.They are all wearing elegant, tight, sleeveless dresses, pearly white gloves, and stilettos.
Picture B: I can see a fsion designer.She is dressed in a red sweater and is probably sketching a new design.

I don't really know what do say.

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