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Posted by Cara on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 8:34pm.

Is there any "European bias or bias" in this article?

To obtain the necessaries of life, they (he Indians of Arcadia) endure cold and hunger in an extraordianry manner. During eight or ten days, if the necessity is imposed on them, they will follow the chase in fasting, and they hunt with greatest ardor when the snow is the deepest & the cold most severe. And yet those same Savages, the offspring, to speak, of Borea and the ice once they have returned with their booty and installed themselves in their tents, become indolent and unwillig to perform any labor whatever, imposing thir entirely upon women. The latter, besides the onerous role of bearing and rearing the children, also transport the game from the place where it has fallen, they are the hewers of wood & drawers of water; they make and repair the household utensils, prepare food; they skin the game and prepare the hides like fullers; they sew garments; they catch fish and gather shellfish for food; oftern they even hunt; they make canoes, that is, skiffs of marvelous rapidity, out of bardk; they set up tents whereever and whenever they stop for the night-in short the men concern themselves with nothing but more laborious hunting & the waging of war. For this reason almost every one has several wives and especially the Sagamores, since they cannot maintain their power and keep up the number of their dependents unless they have not only many children to inspire fear or concilate favor but also many slaves to perform patiently the menial tasks of every sort that are necessary. For their wivs are regarded and treated as slaves.

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