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Which one of the following statements is not true about the president Ratcliffe portrayed in The General History?
He wasn't very popular. His judgment was weak in times of peril.
He voluntarily turned over leadership to John Smith. He was greedy and selfish.

Why did Powhatan spare Smith's life?
Because Powhatan realized what a great man John Smith was. Because Pocahontas had fallen in love with Smith and wanted him for her husband.
Because Pocahontas had compassion for Smith and was willing to die for him. Because Pocahontas bartered with her father for Smith's life.

Why did the President and some of the colonists try to put Smith to death?
Smith had made an agreement with the Indians that the colonists felt was treasonous. The colonists trumped up murder charges against Smith, holding him responsible for the death of Robinson and Emry.
Smith had deposed Ratcliffe as the leader of the colonists. Smith had confiscated company supplies for his own use.

How long did the journey to Virginia actually take Smith and the colonists?
Two months Three months
Four months Five months

What does Bradford say happened to the 'proud and profane' seaman who made fun of the Puritans when they were sick during the voyage?
God, in His providence. saw it fit to strike the man dead just as he was laughing. He fell overboard and was eaten by sharks as a sign of God's justice.
God made the seaman to fall ill and to be the first to die. God moved the captain to punish the man severely.

What happened to John Howland?
He fell overboard. but because of divine deliverance, he managed to hold on to a rope until he could be hauled back on board ship. This was the name of the seaman who mocked the Puritans and then died of an illness himself.
He lost his faith in God because of the difficulties the Puritans faced and died a disillusioned and lost man. He was the first settler killed by the Indians.

How many Puritans died during the crossing of the Atlantic?
One Two
Three Four

How did the Indians receive the Puritans?
The Indians were friendly from the beginning and were very helpful to the Puritans. At first, the Indians were shy, but they soon warmed up.
The Indians were violent and launched a full-scale war against the settlers as soon as they landed. The Indians were hostile but at the same time hesitant--skulking about in the trees, stealing tools.

Which one of the following was not part of the agreement made with the Indians?
No Indian should injure any Puritan. When the Indians came to see the Puritans, they should leave their bows and arrows behind them.
The Indians could visit the Puritans only on specified days of the week. The Puritans and Indians would aid each other in times of war initiated by a third party.

Which one of the following was not influenced by the Puritan concept of divine mission?
Salvation by works The American Dream
Manifest Destiny The American Mission

Which one of the following is not an example of Puritan literature?
Magnalia Christi Americana The Bay Psalm Book
The Sot-Weed Factor The Day of Doom

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