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At the end of the spring term, a high school physics class celebrates by shooting a bundle of exam papers into the town landfill with a homemade catapult. They aim for a point that is 31.1 m away and at the same height from which the catapult releases the bundle. The initial horizontal velocity component is 5.87 m/s.

a) What is the initial velocity component in the vertical direction?

b) What is the launch angle? (in degrees)


    The range for a projectile is

    R = v^2/g sin2θ

    Now, 5.87/v = cosθ
    v = 5.87 secθ

    31.1 = 5.872/9.8 sec2θ * 2sinθcosθ

    4.4227 = tanθ
    θ = 77.26°
    v = 26.62

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