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Physics - Newtons laws

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A block (mass m1 = 8kg) is moving on an inclined plane, coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.45, whose angle is 30degrees. This block is connected to a second block (mass m2 = 22kg) by a cord that passes over a small frictionless pulley. Find the acceleration of each block and the tension in the cord.

  • Physics - Newtons laws -

    Write separate equations of motion for each block and solve for the two unknowns: acceleration a and rope tension T, which are the same for both masses.

    Uk = 0.45; other symbols obvious.

    T - m1*g*sin30 -m1*g*cos30*Uk
    = m1*a
    m2*g -T = m2*a

    Add the equations to eliminate T and solve for a.

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