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The following reaction represents the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide:

Balanced equation: 2H2O2 -> O2 + 2H2O

How many moles of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of 3.4g of hydrogen peroxide?

How many molecules of O2 are produced?

For the second question, is the answer 1 molecule?


    2H2O2 ==> 2H2O + O2
    3.4g is how many moles of H2O2? That is moles = grams/molar mass.
    The equation tells you that 1 mole O2 is produced by 2 moles H2O2.

    For the last part, no, 1 is not the answer. Remember there are 6.022E23 molecules in 1 mole.


    Thank you!
    For the second question could you tell me how to find the answer?


    # molecules = mols O2 x 6.022E23 = ?

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