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Please Help Me!
Find the area of this polygon rround to the nearest tenth.
The polygon is a hexagon with six sides, and all they give is the apothem which is 6 inches long, what is the area?
I know the formula is A=1/2ap
But can anyone help!

  • Geometry -

    The polygon can be divided up into six triangles, each with base=s and height=6

    Since it is a hexagon, you know the triangles are equilateral triangles, with height (apothem) = s*sqrt(3)/2

    So, if the apothem is 6, 6 = s*sqrt(3)/2, and s = 12/sqrt(3) = 4sqrt(3)

    A = 1/2 * a * p
    = 1/2 * 6 * 6*4sqrt(3)
    = 72sqrt(3)

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