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A 5.7- kg concrete block rests on a level table. A 4.0- kg mass is attached to the block by a string passing over a light, frictionless pulley. If the acceleration of the block is measured to be 1.0 m/s2, what is the coefficient of friction between the block and the table?

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    The net force pulling the 5.7 kg block is
    Fnet = M1*a = 5.7*1.0 = 5.7 N

    That equals the string tension M2*g minus the friction force M1*g*U
    5.7 = M2*g - M1*g*U

    M1 = 5.7 kg
    M2 = 4.0 kg
    Uk = kinetic friction coefficient
    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    Solve for U

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