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A 50/50 blend of engine coolant and water (by volume) is usually used in an automobile\'s engine cooling system. If your car\'s cooling system holds 4.90 gallons, what is the boiling point of the solution? Make the following assumptions in your calculation; at normal filling conditions, the densities of engine coolant and water are 1.11 g/mL and 0.998 g/mL respectively. Assume that the engine coolant is pure ethylene glycol (HOCH2CH2OH), which is non-ionizing and non-volatile, and that the pressure remains constant at 1.00 atm.

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    Convert 4.90 gallons to liters.
    1/2 of that will be glycol; 1/2 will be water.
    Using density, convert L H2O to grams and L glycol to grams.

    Convert grams glycol to moles. moles = grams/molar mass

    Convert moles glycol to molality. m = moles/kg solvent

    Then delta T= Kb*m
    Solve for delta T and add to 100 C to find the new boiling point.

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