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Posted by Tubbz on Monday, February 20, 2012 at 8:09am.

1. Activation-synthesis dream theory purports that dreams result from the brain's effort to make sense of:
a. the days activities and experiences
b. problems the person has not yet resolved
c. our external world
d. spontaneously firing neurons during REM sleep
I chose D

2. If you talk or walk in your sleep, you are more likely to do it during:
a. Stage 1, during REM sleep
b. Stage 2 in the sleep cycle when minor noises won't disturb you.
c. Stage 3, when entering the deepest sleep.
d. Stage 4, the deepest sleep level.
I chose C

3. Psychologists are critical thinkers. Critical thinking requires you to:
a. accept the simple answer and not make it complicated
b. tolerate uncertainty, even if you feel pressured to come up with an answer, but you cant find one.
c. decide it is either this or that and don't get hung up on dreaming
d. trust the accuracy of your instincts.
My answer is B

4. According to the gate-control theory of pain:
a. we cannot control the gate through which pain enters or is emitted back from the brain
b. the gate for pain is open only for survival instincts
c. pain cannot pass through these special spinal units (gates)
d. we can create pain by dwelling on it.
My answer is A

5. According to attribution theory, Americans are likely to blame others _____ first when something goes wrong, but will point to their own________ when something goes right.
a. dispositional attributes; dispositional attributes
b.situational atributes; dispositional attributes
c. dispositional attributes; situational attributes
d. situational attributes; situational attributes.
I chose A

Thanks for all your help!!!

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