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Jennifer Wilbanks, the so-called “Runaway Bride” from 2005, disappeared just before her wedding. When she resurfaced, she wove a story of kidnapping and sexual abuse by a Hispanic man. She later admitted to her lies and confessed that she had run away due to pre-wedding pressures. She was sentenced to two years of probation for misleading investigators, but has since profited through selling her story to the media.
Should Wilbanks be allowed to acquire money that she earned by selling the rights of her story to the media or should those profits be forfeited? Why? Which law is applicable in her case and why? Have you witnessed or come across any similar situations in your life? Cite sources where applicable.

Do you think the law should compel criminals to repay their victims from the profits that they gain from notoriety? Why?
Give an example of a case where the law compelled the criminal to repay the victim from the profits he or she earned from notoriety. Analyze whether the victim in this case was rightfully given his or her dues from the earnings of the criminal.

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    i do not think that she should be able to obtain money from this. as the article says, she mislead investigators which is a serious federal offense. she is lucky that is the only consequences she got. she should be in jail or paying a fine.

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