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The vapor pressure of chloroform is 173.11 mm Hg at 25 degrees celsius. A nonvolatile, nonelectrolyte that dissolves in chloroform is aspirin. Calculate the vapor pressure of the solution at 25 degrees celsius when 6.243g of aspirin (180.1g/mol) are dissolved in 244.5g of chloroform.


I did 6.243g aspirin / 180.1g = 0.0346 moles

244.5g / 119.40g = 2.04 moles

Yes im sorry I am sort of confused. So is the total number of moles what they gave me in the problem, 6.243?

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    No. They didn't give you that in the problem. How can 6.243 g be 6.243 moles. A mole is a mole. A gram is a gram.
    This is basic stuff. You must have calculated moles a million times by now. mols = grams/molar mass.

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    The vapor pressure of liquid chloroform, CHCl3, is 400.0 torr at 24.1°C and 100.0 torr at -6.3°C. What is ΔHvap of chloroform?

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