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reviews the concepts that are important in this problem. A golfer imparts a speed of 35.9 m/s to a ball, and it travels the maximum possible distance before landing on the green. The tee and the green are at the same elevation. (a) How much time does the ball spend in the air? (b) What is the longest "hole in one" that the golfer can make, if the ball does not roll when it hits the green?

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    45 degrees for max distance. You can derive that but it is probably in your book.

    Vi = 35.9 sin 45 = 25.4
    at top v = 0
    0 = 25.4 - 9.8 t where t is at top
    t = 2.59 seconds to max height so
    2*2.59 = 5.18 seconds in the air

    distance = 5.18 * 35.9 cos 45 = 131.5 meters

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    wrong answer

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