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I'm including the last part of the rephrase. I hope you can read it because I had problems with my previous post. By the way, they and them in my previous post referred to the horses.

1) When Gulliver comes back home in England, his wife and his other family members welcome him with surprise and joy, because they think him dead. In contrast, he is filled with hate, disgust and contempt (towards them). Actually, he realizes that he prefers the company of the wise horses, which he still considers his best friends, to that of men.
2) When his wife first takes him in his arms (hugs him) and kisses him, he
faints. During the first year he spent (spends?) with his family, he couldn't endure their presence because of their smell and the fact they had to eat in the same room.
3) The first money he laid out was (lays ... is?) to buy young stone-horses, which can understand him and with which he spends at least four hours every day conversing in the stable.
4) His greatest favourite (rephrase) next to the horses is the groom. Gulliver is revived by the smell his groom contracts in the stable.
5) Now that he has been living with his family for five years, he doesn't allow anyone to touch him, to drink from his glass or to eat his bread.

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    1. ... because they thought he was dead ... and contempt toward the horses...

    2. ... spends ...
    their = horses' ???

    3. ... lays out is to buy ...

    4. What he favors most besides the horses is the groom ... his groom gives off in the stable.

    5. Even though he has been living ...

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