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english grammarrrrrrrrrrrrr help

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I really need help to fix my grammar and to double check my answer

Write several paragraphs for someone who has just watched the same movie you did. They didn't know the story before watching the movie, and are wondering what was changed from the "original" story. Be detailed about what has changed, why you think the changes were made, and also how you feel about the changes that were made. Make sure your paragraphs are clear and use proper grammar.

Ella enchanted is the retelling story of Cinderella. There are many changes that were made from the "original" story. The first change in the story is Ella was gifted an obedience gift from a misguided fairy. Cinderella wasn’t cursed in the original story.
The second change is Cinderella fell in love with the prince at the ball. Ella fell in love with charmont in the woods; when he saved her from the giants that wanted to eat her.
The third change is Ella goes threw adventure to look for her misguided fairy Cinderella finds the help she needs easily.
In Ella enchanted their were misguided and evil fairies in Cinderella there was always a nice fairy that helped her go to the ball at the right time. Ella was dressed to the ball by her fairy in the wrong time.
Ella rescues prince charmont from his uncle and she rescues her self with the help of her own. But in Cinderella she is rescued by others.
I think all these changes were made to teach us to not wait for the digger to get us out of that hole start digging and get your self out so in other words to teach us a new moral.
I also think to entertain children and teens, in a new Hollywood version of Cinderella; not the original love story we were use to.

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