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Posted by Henry2 on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 7:22am.

Thank you very much for helping me, Writeacher!
I have a question. As in chapter 11 chapter refers to his last year (fifth year in England) shall I use the past in the rephrase, when he recalls the time he spent with the horses?

Here is the third part of my rephrase.

1) Then he likens his family and friends to .... both for their
shape and disposition. (rephrase). Though more civilized and endowed with
the gift of speech, these qualities don't make them any better because they
use their reason to multiply their vices.
2) He, however, must acknowledge,
much to his horror and disgust, that he is exactly the same, or even worse,
than the loathsome ..... when he sees his face reflected in the water.
3) He admits that he can better endure the sight of a common ....., than of his own person. By conversing with the Houyhnhnms (the reasonable horses) he can imitate their gait (synonym walk') and gesture. This habit is so rooted in himself that his friends keep telling him that "he trots like a horse".
4)He considers it as a compliment. He admits that he sometimes happens to
modulate his voice in the manner of the Houyhnhnms, too. Though people make
fun of him, he doesn't feel ashamed at all.

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