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Posted by Mohammad on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 6:34pm.

i take better quotes from story a few notes for orpheus i need help choosing best 5 ones. all these show theme really well so i not know which 5 to choose.

"I was almost glad to hear her. But something must be wrong. She never phoned me."

"Will you come up to the cottage this weekend?" "Why? What's the point?"

And you're his wife, I felt like saying; his only wife, but what was the point;
it would be like taking away her bingo card with one number toga.

But it scared me to in a way. It was like suddenly now that he was going to die we had to face the fact that he was alive.

Statues were the way other people made you stand still, like dying. People loved you, made you their hero and killed you so that could build a monument to their feelings. Statues.

And now in my mother's mind I could see the old man turning to stone. She would buy the biggest and best headstone. Bingo! A perfect card. A prize.

"I haven't got this month's cheque yet," she said.

"It's in the mail," I lied. I'd drunk it the weekend before with some girl from Baltimore who was in Toronto for a hairdressers' convention. You might say she clipped me, but I didn't mind, I needed a trim.

"Great, but I'm thinking of going into another field. Selling headstones."
"You make money at that?" "People keep dying."

And when I left she kept expecting me to come back. like Eurydice waiting and I didn't even look back.

The old man was dying and I preferred to be seen in the dark. It was as though I was preparing myself for a sudden departure.

Some families grow like trees, each separate but the branches touching from one to another and intertwining. Our family was like a series of telephone poles strung along a highway without even the wires to link us up.

"Oh." It was a wounded sound. A moan. Orpheus looking back and regretting it in his throat.

After today I would have to begin to make some of those calls or have the phone removed.

The man walked straight ahead and didn't look back.

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