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A satellite moves on a circular earth orbit that has a radius of 6.68E+6 m. A model airplane is flying on a 16.3 m guideline in a horizontal circle. The guideline is nearly parallel to the ground. Find the speed of the plane such that the plane and the satellite have the same centripetal acceleration.

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    The satellite's centripetal acceleration at orbit radius R can be derived from using

    a(sat) = G*Me*R^2,
    (where G is the universal gravity constant and Me is the earth's mass), or by using
    g(R)*(Re/R)^2 = 9.8*(6370/6680)^2
    = 8.9 m/s^2

    Set that equal to
    a(plane)= V^2/r
    where r = 16.3 m, and solve for V of the model plane

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    thank you

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