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Posted by Henry2 on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 4:50pm.

As I made a few changes, could you please check there paragraphs again?
Thank you very much!!

1) In 1660, Parliament invited Charles II (1660-1685) to return to his kingdom from exile in France. Charles’s first concern was to reassert (I need a synonym) the predominance of the church of England. Then, he dissolved Parliament. (Can I join these two sentences?)
2) The restoration of the monarchy was greeted with great relief by most Englishmen, who had felt oppressed in their everyday life by the strict rules of the Puritans.
3) Charles II’s court was the most immoral in English history. When the two catastrophes of the plague and the Great Fire hit the country, the Puritans interpreted them as God’s punishment for the king’s immorality.
4) London was struck in 1665 by an outbreak of bubonic plague, during which more than 100,000 people died. A year later, a fire destroyed most of the city in four days. Charles II was succeeded by his brother James II, who was even more absolutist than Charles himself. He claimed the divine right of kings to decide the country’s destiny without consulting Parliament.
5) Unlike his brother Charles II, he was a Catholic and began to put Catholics in positions of power in every branch of public life.
6) This accelerated a secret plan to bring in William of Orange, the champion of the Protestant cause in Europe and the husband of James’s Protestant daughter, Mary.
7) Cooperation between the crown and Parliament became effective only with the so-called ‘Glorious’ or ‘Blodless” Revolution. Its name celebrates the bloodlessness of the deposition of James II in favour of the crowing of William of Orange and his wife Mary Stuart in 1689.
8) The reign of William and Mary was a time of economic progress for England; London was becoming the financial capital of the world. After Mary’s death in 1694, William of Orange, also known as William III (1689-1702), reigned alone.

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