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A 0.700-kg ball is on the end of a rope that is 0.90 m in length. The ball and rope are attached to a pole and the entire apparatus, including the pole, rotates about the pole's symmetry axis. The rope makes an angle of 70.0° with respect to the vertical as shown. What is the tangential speed of the ball?

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    I was thinking that it would be .90tan(70)=2.47 m/s^2 but I am wrong so I don't know how to do this...

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    Let the rope tension be T.

    T sin70 = M V^2/R
    T cos70 = M g
    Now, divide the first equation by the second one.
    tan70 = V^2/(R*g)

    V^2 = (0.90)(9.8)(2.747)= 24.23 m^2/s^2
    V = 4.92 m/s

    Your answer does not have the dimensions of velocity, and must depend upon g.

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    What is the tangential speed of the ball?

    thnks but i tried both 24.23m^2/s^2 and 4.92 n neither are right i don't understand whats wrong

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    Radius should be 0.90Sin(70) that would account for the length of the path that the stone is traveling in. Use the equation above and substitute .90Sin(70) for the radius.

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