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physics PLEASE help

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A 5.0-kg block is at rest on a horizontal floor. If you push horizontally on the 5.0-kg block with a force of 10.0 N, it just starts to move.
(a) What is the coefficient of static friction?
(b) A 12.0-kg block is stacked on top of the 5.0-kg block. What is the magnitude F of the force, acting horizontally on the 5.0-kg block as before, that is required to make the two blocks start to move?

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    (a) (mu_static) = F/(M*g) = 10/(5*9.8) = ____

    (b) The force required to make the stack move will be higher by a factor 17/5 (the weight increase ratio)

    (17/5)*10 = ___ N

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    THANK YOU :)

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