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The racing car has a mass of 1250kg. When the brake pedal is pushed down a constant braking force of 10,000 N is exerted on the car. Calculate the acceleration of the car.

If you could also tell me how you came to the answer, it would help me in the future. Thank you.

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    Force = mass x Acceleration

    Rearrange the formula to
    Acceleration = force/mass

    acceleration = 10,000N/ 1250kg
    acceleration = 8m/s^2

    now remember this is an applied force to slow down the car (because the brakes are applied) therefore the car is not accelerating, it is decelerating.
    you can write it as, the car is decelerating at 8m/s^2

    double check with your teacher to write the answer in the format he wants (and to see if the questions is right) sometimes they tell you if ur wrong or right.

    Also notice that N/kg = m/s^2

    this is handy in future physics questions

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